Qualitymanagement QM

Top SAP © Tables - list for the Quality-Management Module QM
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Inspection Lot / QM-Info Record    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
QALS Inspection lot record In Logical Database PGQ.
QAMB QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision In Logical Database PGQ.
QDPS Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule
QDQL Quality level
QINF QM-info record for material and vendor
QMAT Inspection type - material parameters Inspection type.

Certificate profile    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
QCVK Certificate profile header
QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level
QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts

Quality Notification    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
QMEL Quality Notification In Logical Database WTY.
QMFE Quality notification - items
QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt
QMMA Quality notification - activities
QMSM Quality notification - tasks
QMUR Quality notification - causes
TQ80 Notification Types

Enterprise Structure Part of the Customizing.   To go to the IMG customizing entry, enter the table name in transaction SM30, click on 'Customizing' and then on 'Continue w/o Specifying Project'.

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
T001KValuation area
T001LStorage Locations
T001W Plants/Branches
TSPAOrganizational Unit: Sales Divisions

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