Top SAP © Table - list for ABAP
View table content with transaction SE16, SE16N or SE16H (with HANA-Database) and tablestructure with SE11


TableTable - nameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
AQGQCATSAP Query: Query Catalog
D010TABTable for Use Report<->Tables
D020SSystem table D020S (screen sources)
D020TScreen Short Description
DD02LSAP TablesOverview of all SAP tables in the current system.
DD02T SAP DD: SAP Table Texts All SAP tables in the current system with their names (if translated).
DD02VGenerated Table for View
DD03LTable Fields
DD03TDD: Texts for fields (language dependent)
DD04LData elements
DD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
DD07LR/3 DD: values for the domains
DD09LDD: Technical settings of tables
DD12LR/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, header;
DM42SDM Relationship
ENLFDIRAdditional Attributes for Function Modules
FILEPATHLogical File Path Definition
PATHDefinition of Physical File Paths for Each Syntax
SYSTABAP System Fields
T100MessagesEdit with transaction SE91.
T100CMessage Control by UserEdit with transaction OBA5.
TADIRDirectory of Repository ObjectsLinked to table E071 via the fields PGMID, OBJECT and OBJ_NAME.
TAPLTProgram Application Long Texts
TDEVCTTexts for Packages
TFDIRFunction Module
TFTITFunction Module Short Text
TMDIRTable for administering methods in a class
TRDIRGenerated Table for View
TSE05ABAP Editor Template
TSTC SAP Transaction Codes All transactions in the current system with the associated programs.
TSTCPParameters for Transactions
TSTCTTransaction Code Texts
VBDATAUpdate data
VBMODUpdate function modules


TableTable - nameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
TVARVCTable of Variant Variables (Client-Specific)
VARIDVariant directory
VARITVariant Texts

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Top Transaction - list for ABAP


TransactionTransaction - NameNotes
OBA5Change Message Control
SE80Object Navigator
SE91Message Maintenance
SHD0Transaction and Screen Variants