Top Tables overview for the Lease Management RE-FX-LA in SAP©
View table content with transaction SE16, SE16N or SE16H (with HANA-Database) and tablestructure with SE11

Valuation in RE-FX-LA    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
T056RInterest reference definition
TIVCERELEVALValuation Relevance
VICECFCORRValuation Correction
VICECFRULEValuation Cash Flow
VICERULEValuation Rule

Contract in RE-FX    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
T094P Index Figures for Replacement Values
TIV0A RU Usage type ID's
TIVCNCCTADDAttribute for Contract
VIBDRO Rental Object
VICAADDTEXT Additional Text for Real Estate Object
VICARSDATE Resubmission Date
VICDCFOBJObject-Related Cash Flow
VICDCFPAYPayment-Related Cash Flow
VICDCOND Condition
VICDCONDCALC Conditions - Calculation Factors and Condition Amounts
VICDCONDDIST Conditions - Distribution Factors and Transfer Amounts
VICNCN Real Estate Contract
VIRADOCRE Document Header
VISCPG Participation Group
VITMOA Term: Organizational Assignment
VITMPY Term: Posting Rule
VITMRH Terms: Frequency Rule


TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
VIBDOBJASS Object Assignment
VIBDOBJRELObject Relationship A/U Object <-> A/U Object
VIBDOBJRELPARTObject Relationship A/U Object <-> A/U Object: Percent
VIBPOBJREL Business Partner-Object Relationship

Fixed Assets    go to all Fixed Assets Tables

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
ANLA Asset Master Record Segment
ANLB Depreciation terms In Logical Database ADA.

Business Partner    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
BUT000 Business Partner: General data I In Logical Database REBP UKM_BUPA.
BUT020Business Partner: AddressesIn Logical Database REBP.
BUT0BKBP: Bank Details
BUT100 Business Partner: Roles In Logical Database REBP.
CVI_CUST_LINK Assignment Between Customer and Business Partner
CVI_VEND_LINK Assignment Between Vendor and Business Partner
VIBPOBJREL Business Partner-Object Relationship

More Masterdata    

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
VIBDAO Architectural Object
VISCSU Settlement unit

Enterprise Structure    Part of the Customizing

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
T001 Company Codes
VIBDBE Business Entity

Customizing in RE-FX-LA and RE-FX    Transaction RECECUST and RECACUST

TableTable - NameS/4HANA -Table and general Notes
NRIV Number Range Intervals Edit with transaction SNUM. Object=FVVI_RECN for RE-FX contract.
TBZ3BDT Screen Sequences
TBZ3ABDT Screens
TBZ3LBDT-Screen Sequence Categories
TIV26Real Estate Contract Type (Entities)
TIVBDOBJASSAllowed Object Assignment Type per Object Type
TIVBPOBJROLEAllowed Role per Object Type
TIVCACCSETBasic Settings per Company Code
TIVCDFLOWRELReference Flow Type
TIVCEASSETFTAssignment of Asset Transaction Type to RE Flow Type
TIVCECDPROPRELCondition Types and Valuation PropertyCondition evaluation groups.
TIVCECDRELCondition Types and Condition Valuation Group
TIVCECTADDValuation-Specific Attributes for Company Code/Contract Type
TIVCERULECCValuation Rule and Company Code
TIVEXFIREPSYMBReplacement of Account Symbol with FI Account
TIVG1Municipality KeyView V_TIVBDMUNI also shows the obsolete municipalities.
TIVRAACCDETAccount Determination
V_TIVBDBUTGenerated Table for View

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